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Chassis Fleet

Atlantic Trucking Co. provides diversified multi-purpose equipment to shipping lines and other motor carriers. Compass provides a vast variety of chassis to maximize delivery efficiency. For example, the tri-axle chassis allows for transport of loaded or empty twenty foot, forty foot and forty-five foot intermodal containers. Equipment is offered in short-term or long-term lease. At Atlantic Trucking, we’re investing in equipment so you’ll have the right combination when you need it.

Atlantic Trucking provides:

  • 20’ Slider Chassis:
  • 40′ Gooseneck Chassis: Offers better weight distribution for maximum payload.
  • 40’ Combo Chassis: Designed to carry one standard 40’ container or two 20’ containers.
  • 40’ 12-point Combo Chassis: Same as a combo with the difference that it carries overweight 20’ containers.
  • 40’ 12-point Tri-Axle Chassis: Same as a 12-point combo with rear axle weight distribution flexibility.
  • 51’ Combo Chassis: will carry 3 20’ empty containers or a combination of one 40’ and one 20’.